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Hey guy just linking my blogs and other sites I'm in!

I actually have two tumbrl, one for comics, movies, tv-shows, games ect and other for lolita, anime, jrock and other japaneese stuff.

My own blogger is about fashion and shopping. Other blog is about monster high dolls, I keep it with my friend :iconkouyou-chan:.

Making videos about lolita and material.

I don't uptade that so often, but I try to comment often.

Instagram name is elenamonsteri

I think that's all...
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Me and :iconkouyou-chan: made monster high blog! Check it out!
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Here's couple of links where you can also find me!…
My blogger, it's about my life and what I do. Mostly stuff I bought and ouffit pics.
Comics, games, tvshows and movies + some random stuff.
Lolita, jrock and cute stuff.
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Happy new year! :D

So... Nothing else.
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YAAAYYYY ~ and nobody cares! :la:

... This is so random, but I feel like I should write someting here... So yeah, nothing special :typerhappy:
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